Roadmap Infinity Economics


Infinity Economics Foundation Roadmap – March 2018:

Our community has achieved some amazing milestones. Thanks to our community size and activity, we are well on our way to establishing Infinity as a top player in cryptocurrency.

The following may be considered a general summary and roadmap for our Infinity Economics project moving forward over the remainder of 2017. We appreciate the community’s patience and commitment, as we strive to become the leader in the next generation of cryptocurrency.

Exchanges listing XIN:

  • BitBay
  • InfinityCoin.Exchange
  • Coinwinex
  • Cointed (near future)

During this period IE will open API interface for programmers and entrepreneurs to begin developing products and services (smart contracts) built on IE blockchain.

Next steps:

  • Crowdfunding
  • Shuffling
  • Subscriptions
  • Escrow
  • SmartContracts

As seen above, members will soon have access to essential user focused documentation for the IE/XIN wallet as well as a guide to our DAO structure, operation and management.

IE will begin educational seminars for using and creating real world IE blockchain applications. There are a number of humanitarian projects and global communities with members numbering in the millions which will be implementing the IE wallet and crypto platform into their communities through our educational programs.

A public relations campaign will be implemented which will involve foundation created press releases and interviews. Since we are a DAO, it is imperative that the community members also take on a responsible role in marketing and communicating IE to the world. This includes announcements on bitcointalk and like platforms.

It is imperative that we understand as a community that we are a DAO and WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE for promoting and establishing the value of our currency platform.
Of course the foundation and development team are leading the way, it is essential to understand that we all have the ability to take a responsible role in helping to promote and progress IE/XIN around the world.

This is new territory for us all, and it will take grit and determination to break free from our established world financial system programmed and built on scarcity, debt and maintaining society as dependent slaves to the banking elites.

We will begin publishing a weekly “State of IE DAO” newsletter to keep the community abreast of news and updates.

More details and announcements will be forthcoming.

  Data: Marzec 23rd, 2018

  Autor: Redaktor